General Information for your visit

  • The visit is at your own risk.
  • For your own safety follow the signposted paths and keep off unmarked ways and construction sites.
  • Due to fire prevention reasons, smoking is strictly prohibited.
  • To avoid unnecessary cleaning costs, please use the provided waste bins.
  • Due to free range poultry we ask you to please Keep your dog on a leash at all times.
  • We urge you to interact respectfully with our animals. Feeding them is prohibited.
  • For your visit we recommend sturdy footwear and comfortable yet adequate clothing for any weather condition.

Hints for school classes, youth groups and families with children

  • You will find museum discovery sheets, suited for various ages at the museum entrance.They are provided free of charge.
  • A playground is located near the museum restaurant.
  • The supervisory duties by parents and teachers over children and adolescents applyto the visit. Please make sure, that your children do not damage our buildings,animals and facilities.
  • A diaperchanging table can be found in each museum village.

Hints for visitors with strollers or wheelchairs

  • As the paths are designed according to historical examples they cause problems for wheelchair users and for the use of strollers.
  • The signposted path is the easiest to travel.
  • Wheelchair users should be accompanied by a strong person. This person needn’t pay the entrance fee.
  • Unfortunately several historical buildings cannot be visited with a wheelchair due to their construction.
  • A WC suitable for wheelchair users is located at House Dierbach in the Palatinate - Rhine Hesse-village.